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Activity currently drawing Jasper and Roran from TGB. Will be going down list of stuff on previous journal yaaaaaaay
I'll pretty much be drawing all day Friday and the weekend and I'm curious about what you think I should be drawing during that time period.

You know, commissions, adoptables, hypokits. Maybe even a request stream or two. Just something I can submit to my gallery to kinda drown out all the crappy art ugh.

I'll comprise a list of what's been suggested most and least, and give attention to each suggestion throughout the three days.

So yeah.

Naturally, if you commissioned something from me and you want it kept secret, I won't stream lol.

But yeah go nuts I'm all ears ;u;
yeah I have a child now to rp in tgb yes so if you have cats in water tribe plz

I can do chat, note, skype, the whole skadoodle

I don't have a set limit lol

TGB: Water Tribe Kit Jasper by Silvadil
go nuts guis
TGB: Water Tribe Kit Jasper by Silvadil
TGB: Water Tribe Kit Jasper
Basic Information


  • N/A

Kit name
(Jass - Parr) (Type of precious stone/ "Nurturing" Stone / Signifies gentleness, comfort, and relaxation)

0-6 moons

Birth Date
February 14th (Born in Winter)


Ragamuffin x Bengal mix

  • Body: At the moment, Jasper is little more than kitten fluff and fat. His anatomical structure is quite heavily set, with thick legs and round flanks. His face is pudgy, with large eyes and a nose constantly swollen with mucus. Like Lyra, Jasper's ears are softly pointed with small sprigs of fur at their ends. His tail is in proper propotion to his body, but doesn't really help in regards to balance

  • Fur/Color: Jasper's fur is dense, long, and remarkably soft like his mother's. The fur along his spine is quite coarse in comparison to his flanks, while the fur of his belly and tail are quite soft in comparison to his flank. In terms of coloration, Jasper is a bit muddled. The actual tones of his fur are very close to Levi's, with Lyra's cloudy pelt dimming the saturation, but his actual markings are far closer to the tabby stripes of his grandfather, Moth. He has grayish-blue eyes.

  • N/A

  • Severe Pollen Allergies (Constant Runny/Stuffed nose, Teary eyes)

Tribal Information

Former Affiliation / Birth Tribe
  • Water Tribe

Current Affiliation
Water tribe




  • Attack:
  • Defense:
  • Speed
  • Agility:
  • Endurance:
  • Strength:
  • Tactic:
  • Aggression:
  • Perception:
Not applicable until made an apprentice

Battle Style


  • N/A


Personal Information


Personality Type
ISFJ - The 'Nurturer'

[ Compassionate - Patient - Gentle - Self effacing - Negative - Soft spoken - Cautious - Self aware - Attentive ]

Summary: Simply put, Jasper is a dud. He's seldom shows any actual happiness, rarely has a positive outlook, and never seems to understand why anyone pays attention to him. Granted, his outward appearance is pudgy and quite lovable, all he seems to be able to do is point out his own flaws. As you can see, he is quite peculiar in comparison to his prideful parents and inquisitive siblings. His humility is also due in part to his extremely sweet and caring disposition. He will most-likely grow to be a gentle giant type of cat, but at the moment, he's merely an over sized, snot nosed baby brother.

Positive [ Compassionate - Patient - Gentle]
  • Compassionate - By far the most prevalent part of his disposition, Jasper has a 'heart of gold' as it were, and is open to caring and loving most anyone who may need it. Though his appearance is a bit off putting (no one wants snot on their fur), he is quite the sweet soul, and will make great sacrifices for the one's he loves, perhaps even those who have done wrong to him. Though too young to truly grasp the meaning of second chances, Jasper will open his heart to anyone who he thinks needs the attention of friendship and loyalty, as long as they're okay with it, that is. He wouldn't want to overstep boundaries, after all.
  • Patient - Perhaps the calmest of his litter, Jasper has an amazing high tolerance for his siblings' antics. He'll sit through Opal's berating of the 'nonexistent' spirits, he'll readily compliment Topaz on his looks and manners, and will try his very best to understand Citrine's jerky expressions, or at least not get frustrated with her. Not the most playful of kits, Jasper has no problem just sitting quietly with some one in need of calmer company. It is unlikely he'll be able to avoid growing boisterous he ages, however, but at least for now, he's as sweet as honey.
  • Gentle - Jasper's a good sized tom kit, that's for certain. He could probably throw his weight around on his siblings pretty effectively if he had the mind for it. Fortunately, he doesn't, and his probably one of the gentler kits you'll come across. He's more prone to calmly watching over ant hills then smashing them. He minds where he sleeps and makes sure never to crush anyone. And when he does give in to a tussle with one of his siblings, he'll usually immediately roll over in defeat. It'll be said time and again that this is definitely a sign of cowardice or weakness, but Jasper accepted that he was a wimp early on.

Negative [ Self effacing - Negative - Amenable ]
  • Self effacing - As funny as it may appear, Jasper has an utter lack of confidence in himself, despite his parentage. From an early age, he recognized himself as 'imperfect' due to his allergies, and has never truly been able to move past it. It doesn't help that his mother and brother are utterly disgusted by his condition, though they try to assure him he is not at fault. Jasper refuses to take compliments of any kind, and will actually agree with any and all negative words directed towards him. Though not as serious now, considering his parents would skin anyone who spoke badly about their newborns, when he eventually strikes out on his own, there's no telling what disparity Jasper will have to face
  • Negative - Unless his purposefully putting on a good face for some one else's benefit, Jasper were more than likely be the ultimate Debbie Downer. He's not purposefully miserable or anything, he just can't seem to find anything to be....joyful about. He certainly finds his siblings enjoyable, but some of their prospective endeavors have him a little on the discouraging side, especially if it has anything to do with going out side, the nursery or otherwise. Since he's just a kit, for now, nothing is terribly serious in this sense. But it'll get worse. Holy Moley will it get worse.
  • Amenable - It really isn't surprising that the reason Jasper is so patient and agreeable is because he can't seem to make decisions for himself. He'll bend to anyone's wills, it doesn't matter what they want him to do. At least if their argument is believable enough; or if they're actually any sort of threatening. He hasn't met anyone like that yet, but he will eventually. At the moment, this trait is only shown when he's siblings are being especially adventurous, and he doesn't have the heart to disappoint them out of fear of Lyra's wrath.

Neutral [ Cautious - Self aware - Attentive ]
  • Cautious - As much as he is pliable to others and agreeable, if negatively directed towards him, Jasper is hardly a fool. Its hard for him to trust strangers, even if they're blood family, if not introduced by some one he already finds trustworthy. Even if he weren't condemned for his unfortunate allergies, Jasper wouldn't be a very curious kit, as he seems to see potential danger at every turn. This is a good trait for an adult, but hardly something a kit his age should be expressing. Hopefully, he'll be able to show a little more trust as he grows.
  • Self Aware - It's not any surprise that Jasper spends so much attention on himself. He makes a point of trying not to appear too obtrusive or too needy, if only to not become a burden for others, but this act can get old quite quickly. As sweet at it is, most cats would probably be irritated with him for being so delicate towards them. Jasper seems to think that he is a big mass of sludge and everyone else are pure white doves that he must not bother at all. He actually will secretly roll out of the nest in the middle of the night so he doesn't get snot on anyone. It's it's upsetting, but endearing, but upsetting none the less. Levi most certainly does not approve
  • Attentive - Jasper's hyper aware of his own impact on his surroundings, yes, but this actual stems from his incredible attention to detail. He has to inspect every little thing in his area before he can do anything. There's a puddle? Make a note of that. A dragonfly? Noted. That cat's ear is flicking? His whisker is bent? She has prey? Noted, noted, and noted. It's almost like an obsession, and he can often lose himself to it. The littlest things can keep his attention, and that's not really all that helpful when there's so much more to explore anyway. And from the looks of things, its only gonna get worse.



       Levi and Lyra, two members of the esteemed Water tribe, lived a hectic but fulfilling life together. Lyra fell pregnant some time after the two consummated their mate-ship, but due to a dysfunction in the yellow water's reproductive system, she was near death after the birth, and nest ridden for a good part of her queen-ship. Despite this, the two water tribers raised their three kits well, with the help of several other queens also staying in Light tribe's nursery, one being the Silver Light herself.
       However, tragedy soon struck the land, as tattooless northern invaders struck down on the tribes, kidnapping the two's only daughter at her tattoo ceremony, as ransom for the Silvers and Yellows in the tribes. Lully exchanged himself, and as her three children followed their destinies, one son even leaving with the mark-naked strangers, Lyra returned home, as the sole authority in Water Tribe.

       She served her tribe well during Lully's entrapment, aiding the raid with her own tribe-mates to retrieve their stolen brethren, and was present for the wonder that was Alriyel's awakening. After Lully's return, Levi and Lyra agonized over their future together. They had already heard rumors of 'Alriyel's' miracles - giving sight to the blind, healing the scars of the past, physically and mentally - and wondered if the mottled tom could aid the yellow water with her own 'illness'.
       Though she was one of the last few cats to seek a miracle, Lyra made the journey to Shadow Tribe, asking the reborn immortal to either heal her internally, or completely destroy her ability to have children. Alriyel chose the former, and with that, Levi and Lyra were allowed another chance at a family. Soon, the beautiful queen became pregnant again, devoid of any and all complications, but it would seem their troubles would be more serious than last time.

       Alriyel was soon found to be a fraud: instead of the kit blessed by the six spirits a century ago, he was actually a rogue spirit from far away lands in the spiritual realm. War raged in the skies as the spirits battled for dominance, while the land below was covered in an eternal snow, all while Lyra's belly grew larger and larger. Finally, the land grew still, and the skies quiet. The spirits had died. The tattoo Lyra had cherished so dearly, and the spirit she followed so devoutly, was gone. The lands flew into disarray.    
       The leaders, stripped of their lives and authority, could do nothing to stop their tribes from breaking apart, either to run back into exile or form their own small gangs. Some gangs chose to be violent towards the groups still stationed in Nandryx, and threatened by these vagabonds, Levi chose to leave his mate to fight this violent rabble, intent on protecting his love and unborn children. While he was away, Lyra gave birth to four healthy kits; two males and two females. Actually conscious this time after the birth of her young, Lyra named them after precious gems. Opal, Citrine, Jasper, and Topaz.

  • Mother: Lyra (Yellow Water) (Alive)

  • Father: Leviathan (Green Water) (Alive)

  • Littermates
  • Topaz
  • Citrine
  • Opal

  • Older Siblings
  • Elliott (Blue-Green Fire) (Alive)
  • Saphiria (Pink Orange Shadow) (Alive)
  • Vetja (Blue Green Water) (Alive)


  • Become some one his parents can be proud of
  • Overcome his runny nose

  • Embarrass his family
  • Get someone else sick
  • Make others uncomfortable because of his allergies

Favorite Color

Unknown (Too Young)

Unknown (Too Young)

Fresh water and Herbs

Voice Actor
  • Kit/Apprentice - Christine Cavanaugh (Chuckie Finster)
  • Adolescent/Adult - Unknown

Death Cab for Cutie - Soul meets Body

  • The reason his nose is constantly running and his eyes are so watery is because he is extremely allergic to pretty much any airborne allergin. Flower Fields being so close does not help in the slightest. However, he does not have asthma, and has no issues breathing

  • He doesn't have a mane or anything he's just really fat

  • He seems to be the only true tabby out of all of his siblings

  • Before he was named, I also had an idea for a pure white kit who was extremely finicky and actually near bone-visible skinny

  • Originally, Jasper's teary eyes and runny nose were due to his default action of crying. This was changed, however, as I have literally no idea how to rp such a negative cat LMAO

  • He's usually condemned to the nursery because the outside air starts up his allergy fits

  • It's a common misconception that he's shy. He just doesn't like making others have to 'deal' with him

RP Example

(From Role Play with Iris and Kyer)

[ Orange-Earth / Iris / Night Watch Forest ]
The immediate, and quite positive response made Iris's mouth twitch. So a friend? There was a flash of green, two cloudly marble eyes. Ah. With little difficulty, the orange earth hopped along the muddy path to the other, squinting to decipher their shape around the darkness. There! The cloudy eyes were attached to a dark but handsome face, with tabby marks and a green shadow tattoo. "Smoke!" Her voice was more of a squeak at the exclamation, but her excitement always did that to her voice. She hadn't seen this tom in quite some time! 'Probably not since I had pink in my tattoo."I-as well as I can be, I think." A small, nervous giggled followed her stuttering. "Sorry, I'm not usually so shakey with my words. How have you been?" She offered a bright smile, but took a small bit of attention to inspect his eyes. Funny, they weren't so cloudy the last time she'd seen him...'Must be some congenital issue.' was her quick reasoning.

Yeah, sooooo

Admittedly I was quite surprised to be offered this guy LMAO. Though, I am pretty sure it's for the best, since it'll be summer when I bring Cas back in now, and that's probably better for him since his info is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more in-depth than this guy, and I really don't have time to write the entire history of a 7 year old cat that's been a character since he was 2 lol. So yeah here's Jasper. Enjoy~

RPs are open to all for now, since he's just a baby and can only talk to people in his family and water tribe LOL.

Character and Art belong to me
:iconthe-golden-butterfly: belongs to its admins
Characters mentioned belong to their rightful owners
Loading... currently drawing Jasper and Roran from TGB. Will be going down list of stuff on previous journal yaaaaaaay

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