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So yeah I'm kinda free in the group department till Febuary, so if anyone has any suggestions for groups to try out for that are at least some what active and open or close to opening, plz tell me and thank you
[Orange-Fire | Charley | Fire Tribe Camp]
Early rays of sunshine bathed the rocky terrain in a pale light, a soft sort of warmth that soothed the patched tabby slinking in the shadow's aching muscles, a hint of hope flickering in her heart at the sign of the new day. Groaning slightly as she squinted into the light, her fur matted with crimson remnants of blood from the previous night's battle, she swallowed and glanced ahead, the charred scent of fire tribe tickling her scent glands with a nostalgic sort of scent. Not nostalgic, she corrected herself, familiar. Limping slightly from the pebbles embedded in her pads, Charley swallowed a lump in her throat and hesitated as she neared the Fire Tribe camp, her confident stature wavering slightly as her turquoise gaze rested on the boulders of the camp. Taking a deep breath, she forced her ears erect and confident as she strode downhill into the camp, ignoring the blood splashed across her chest and lingering around her muzzle. It was time. Whatever happened, it was time.

[Silver Fire / Castail / FT Camp]
He was stationed at the entrance, to 'welcome' her, so to speak. He knew she would come back; her confidence in his affection for her would be the end of her. He knew this for sure. Last night, his anger for her had bubbled and burst inside him like a volatile pool of lava. But now? When he'd sent Lyanna off some where safe, to recover with out walking her to light tribe, the anger was but a simmer, and all that was left was a churning cloud of disappointment. 'I have you a second chance. Against the tribe that would of killed you on sight, if they'd known....if I had let them know. And you stomped it to the ground and shoved my face into it.' Castail's face remained clear and focused, as he watched the splotchy she cat make her way towards their home. He flicked his tail. 'Not for long.'

[Orange-Fire | Charley | Fire Tribe Camp]
Inhale. Exhale. With each pawstep she felt nerves rumble in her stomach, her confident stride waver. And then she saw him. Stationed at the entrance of the camp, his posture regal and crimson eyes laced with disappointment. And they were on her. Lyanna had done it. Almost without realizing it her posture melted, her erect ears drooping until they were pinned flat against her skull, her tummy fur scraping the ground as she crawled closer to the Silver-Fire, her heart throbbing in her chest, blood burning in her ears. Glancing downward, she suddenly felt very aware of the blood knotted into her fur, the streaks of red staining her fur a sickly red, her half-bob tail tucked against her stomach. She swallowed, her paws and stomach dusted with clay as she dragged herself submissively across the ground, and she chanced a glance upward at Castail, a tiny hint of a smile tugging at her maw as she came to a halt in front of him. "H...hello Castail."

[ Silver Fire / Castail / FT Camp ]
He had to force himself not to wrinkle his nose at Charley's appearance. At her whole manner of action once she approached him. Sliding up to him in a guilty crawl, as if she was kit and all she'd done was steal prey from an older tribemate. Castail lashed his tail dismissively, at her smile, at her greeting. 'You poor, furious fool.' he wanted to mew, almost in pity. Instead, he rose to his full height, a good bit larger than her. The sun shone over head, warming his spine and casting a shadow over Charley's form. "Come." he ordered, turning around and walking back in the direction of his den. He sent a look towards the nursery, wiling with his mind that the occupant wouldn't emerge. He didn't want to make this any more painful then it had to be, as much as Charley deserved the shame.

[Orange-Fire | Charley | Fire Tribe Camp]
Blinking in the sudden darkness of the Silver-Fire's shadow, she swallowed, an odd lump in her throat forming despite herself and forced herself into a crouching slink, not quite a crawl but most definitely not her usual confident stride. Her heart was hammering in her chest, and she managed to slide her turquoise gaze up to Castail, but he was already walking away, towards the leader's den. Taking a deep breath, she slunk after him in a submissive crawl, her gaze fixed firmly on the stony earth underpaw. Surely he wouldn't...surely she wasn't...swallowing once more, she forced herself into a more flattering posture, ignoring the rush of blood to her head, making the world seem rather fuzzy as she followed him into the dimness of the den.

[Silver Fire / Castail / FT Camp ]
The transition of the summer sun against his den's shade made the Silver fire's eyes dialate. His eyes fell on his nest, Lyanna's blood still staining the moss. He felt his anger rise again at the amount visible. Padding to the center slowly, the silver fire turned to the mostly white she cat, looking upon her, contempt prevalent in his maroon gaze. "I understand....there was an altercation last night. Care to expand?" he mewed. His decision had lon been made up,(Charley didn't even have the decency to hid the evidence) but he would listen non the less. It was bad conduct not to at least hear the other side's point of view, and terribly biased.

[Orange-Fire | Charley | Fire Tribe Camp]
She swallowed as she sat opposite from the much larger Silver in the den, suddenly feeling uncharacteristically small. Despite her stature, she always felt much bigger than the other cats around her - her personality glowed deep from within and managed to make her feel massive. But now she felt very small. And very alone. Swallowing, she managed to raise her head in what she hoped was a defiant expression (though her ears wavered) and she nodded. "I...I was out last night. Stumbled upon a meeting of cats. She followed me." She wanted to add 'like the good for nothing loser she is', but thought better of it. It hardly would have helped appearances. "They...wanted to fight the golden butterflies. Plan something. To get rid of them. So I stayed. Lyanna...threatened to tell you. It would have ruined everything. It was supposed to be secret, until we formulated a proper plan. A shadow-triber told me to deal with it, so..." She swallowed. "I told her not to ask you. But she's a...she said she would and ignored me and just..." She felt her claws unsheathe, digging into the rocky terrain. She swallowed. "Ever since she came here, you've liked her better. You always told me to ignore her, but she's infuriating. I didn't mean to hurt her...that badly. Not really. I was never going to kill her, I...just wanted her to leave. To make things like they were. I wanted you back." She swallowed, her confident charade collapsing entirely, and, scowling at the dusty floor, she gave a shrug. "That's it."

[Silver Fire / Castail / FT Camp ]
It was hard to listen, honestly. He knew in the back of his mind that this gathering was nothing more than hysteria, nothing more than just impatience with the tribal authorities that were left. But still....It left a bad taste in your mouth, knowing that if you weren't up to par with what other's expected of you, they'd take action with the next best thing. He never took his eyes off of the young she cat as she spoke; watched the aggression flash in her eyes at Lyanna's mention. Bile rose when she brought up mention of a shadow triber. A shadow triber told Charley to 'deal' with Lyanna, her own tribe mate. As if she were a tick. His patience was running thinner and thinner. Then, the smith changed the subject. He lashed his tail dismissively. "Your interpretation on my favoritism towards others is presumptuious, and is helping your case less and less." he growled. "As Lyanna found out when she told me, I can do nothing to the cats who have attended this gathering. They are out of my jurisdiction as long as they are out of my territory." he mewed cooly. "So you attacked a tribe mate who, I might add, was doing exactly what she was suppose to of done in light of this situation, for nothing."

[Orange-Fire | Charley | Fire Tribe Camp]
Her face fell as his voice - a growl at this point - rose up in front of her, and she swallowed once more, her heart feeling as if it had taken up residence in her stomach. He didn't understand...if only he understood! She had done everything, everything in the world...taken from her what she prized most. And now it was shattered and gone, and she felt her breath waver, the beginnings of tears forming in the corner of her eyes, though she immediately bit her tongue, drawing blood and focusing instead on the stinging pain within her maw. She couldn't cry. She wouldn't. Not in front of him. "I'm sorry...I thought...I thought..." She murmured, her eyes no longer hardened like ice, but melted into wide turquoise pools brimming with emotion she desperately tried to bite back. Her tongue was throbbing. "We were gonna save Kintsu...we were gonna save all of them. And then if anything went wrong...It would have been our fault." She swallowed. "I just thought..."

[ Silver Fire / Castail / FT Camp ]
'What did you think?' he wanted to ask her. 'What did you think? That would would turn yourself into a martyr? That you would sacrifice your life for the continuation if this tribe? You, who only has 1 life to give, while I have 8?' he wanted to shout at her. He wanted her to know how disappointed he was, and how terrible he would feel for doing his duty. Because, no matter how much he wished she wasn't the cat she had become, that she wasn't the cat that would tear her own kith and kin's flesh if they displeased her, she had broken the law. Lyanna, poor Lyanna, who had just wanted to please him, to make a good impression, because she had no one else here but him. An image flashed before his eyes, as he watched her tears well, but never fall. An image of a she cat, some what smaller than her, but with the same ugly scar crossing over her throat. Too afraid to approach him if not for the assistance of a bobbed tailed pink water. There were tears in her eyes then too, because she knew she had done wrong, and only wanted him to understand that 'It wasn't my fault! I swear it wasn't my fault!' He'd shown mercy then, and too many times after that. But not now. It had to stop. "I am not leader to give you orders for you to ignore. I am leader to protect you. All of you. Every single one of you, who sleeps under Mount Tzurai, who eat the fire rats that run over Ember hills, who drink from the still water basin. Kintsu did not give up his freedom for you and these others to sacrifice your lives with as little information to guide you as your leaders and deputies do." He bit the inside of his cheek, tasting the blood, reassuring himself that this was the right choice, that he was doing what Kintsu would of agreed with...what Tzurai would of decided. "You have chosen your own interests over your tribe, breaking our most sacred law. You attacked your own tribe mate, under the direction of a rival tribe cat. Even when she didn't defend herself, you persisted." Taking a deep breath, Castail looked to his den's ceiling. He didn't want to do this....never...
"You know what comes next, don't you? the blue tabby mewed, softly.

[Orange-Fire | Charley | Fire Tribe Camp]
She wanted to say she was sorry. Wanted more than anything to whisper an apology, to tell him she'd do anything to make him love her again, to press against his chest and tell him she thought she'd done the right thing...but no words came. Her throat was sore and scratchy, her mouth tainted with the taste of blood as she continued to bite down on her tongue, holding the salty tears that dared to spill over and stain ginger and white fur with clear liquid back, causing her turquoise eyes to shine. Never before had she felt so young, so wrong. She didn't even mind the throbbing pain in her tongue. It was the look in his eyes, the look she had dreaded to ever see from any cat...but especially from him. Her idol. The cat she respected above all. The cat she lived to make proud. And she had blown it, shattered any dreams she had hoped to acheive. It was all over. Fire Tribe. Her and Psych...they had planned to soulbond, hadn't they? No more nights in the forge, no more bickering with Damon, no more snuggling with Psych, no more patrols with Debito. No more seeing pride in her leader's eyes. She felt the tears persist, welling up in the corners of her eyes, but she couldn't bear to disappoint him further. She wouldn't cry. Wouldn't cry. The silence seemed to stretch between the two cats, a rock teetering on the edge of a cliffside before plummeting into oblivion...
"I know." She managed to squeak out, her voice hoarse from the tears that had yet to spill over. And even quieter, "I'm sorry..." Swallowing, and doing her best to put on a brave face, she raised her chin, ignoring the trembling in her maw. She closed her eyes.

[ Silver Fire / Castail / FT Camp ]
"I'm sure you are..." he murmured, unsheathing his claws. Honestly, slashing a tribe mate, more so deep enough to leave a scar was lost to him. 'But she isn't your tribe mate anymore. Under pressure, you're just not the cat she wants to follow. This is your fault.' But it wasn't. He hadn't don't anything. And maybe....maybe thats why he was in this position now. Lifting his paw, he placed it over her right eye, where her tattoo lay. His claws pricked hesitantly on the skin there, as he argued with himself further. 'Her heart was in the right place!' 'She's broken multiple laws; you cannot be soft now.' 'How will Palette feel? How will Psych feel?! Can you really face your son after you banish his best friend?' He lifted his paw up again, allowing Charley a moment, just a moment longer, to be a fire triber. Then, he clawed down. The blood welled so quickly, just as her tears had, and his paw ran from blue to red in but a moment. Even after the damage had been done, his paw still hung in the air, loosely, right underneat her chin. As if he was making her lean back so he could see his damage. So he could see what could never be undone. The three terrible scars, that would be just as much a part of her as the scar just over her throat. His breathed slowly, with as much control as he could muster, eyes wide as moons. He'd done it, no turning back.
"Charley, I here by banish you from Fire tribe. You have proven yourself unworthy of the Fire spirit's mark, and will have your powers revoked. You are to leave these lands immediately, and shall never return. If you are seen on or within our borders, you will be chased out."
He finally dropped his paw, letting it reclaim its place beside it's twin, watching Charley's blood flow down her cheek. Against his better judgement, he looked away.

[Orange-Fire | Charley | Fire Tribe Camp]
It came more quickly than she could have imagined. For a moment, there was silence, stillness, and she almost dared look up into those deep red eyes again. One last time. Then it happened.  Instant, blood hot agony, tearing in three jagged lines through her fur and flesh. A cry that she did her best to muffle escaped from her muzzle, and every instinct screamed for her to leap backwards, escape from the pain - but she wouldn't let herself. She staggered slightly, the blow from his much larger paw making her sway. Sticky, metallic blood poured over her eye, dripped down her cheek and stained her already crimson chest fur with a new layer of scarlet. It almost felt like water. Rain.
The stench was overwhelming, the combination of the sick aroma and the pain searing over her face making her want to gag. But it wasn't the pain that hurt the most. It was his voice. His voice, the disappointment she could see in his eyes even with her own squeezed tight shut, his solemn words shattering the one thing that made her truly her. Shattering what she lived for. She could feel the color draining from her tattoo, feel the ice above her eye where fire once bloomed. She was no longer a fire triber. She felt empty. Alone. Hollow.
She was no longer able to hold back the tears. Salty liquid melded with scarlet, the thick substance swirling down and splashing the floor of the den in red patches. It was done. Her voice shaking, she opened her mouth to attempt a last 'I'm sorry' but she couldn't manage it. She couldn't manage to open her eyes, unable to face the look in his eyes again. She turned, staggering slightly from the physical and emotional pain of it all, and bounded from the den, blood streaming from the gash over her eye and splattering her fur with yet more of the sticky substance.

[Orange-Fire | Lyanna | Fire Tribe Camp]

She had been sitting on the same hill since dusk.
Barely moving, hardly daring to breathe. Her wounds stung, but she didn't lick them. Instead, she stared down at the leaders den in which she saw Castail and Charley disappear into. She pressed against the ground, her blood smearing around her belly. She knew what was to come next...Silver had told her what was going to come next. She never really thought that Cas would do it, the Silver-Fire loved Charley so much, but he already led the painted orange smith into his den. Maybe to talk? Lyanna doubted such a thing. Despite being somewhat of a victim to last nights events with the Orange-Fire, she couldn't help but feel responsible. Not just responsible for the fight, but responsible for ruining Charleys life. All this time they were calling each other names..And it all resulted in nothing. Banishment. It was no good for anyone.

Her heart felt heavy as she watched Charley scamper out of the den. A white and orange blur with on her face. She bit her tounge and shifted her weight, turning away. 'Tzurai .. What if staying true to loyalty gives you a large pit in your stomach and the urge to take everything back. What then? Is loyalty fragile like that? I did something wrong..I know I did. I ruined Charleys life..Fire-Tribe was her home before it was mine and I can see that now but I couldn't see it then. I ruined..Everything.' She gulped at her thoughts, but didn't bother to stop the flow of them. ' And what if what I have done had ruined my life as well? Who wants to be friends with the cat that banished Charley? No one. If I just kept my mouth shut and left, everything would have been the same.' She closed her eyes, not daring to look at the scene any longer.

She won. She had won.

Charley was gone forever, for as long as Castail was alive. She had won for the first time in her life. She had got what she had wanted...But after getting it, she was unsure if it was what she wanted all along. She wanted to apologize to Charley now, she wanted to take her actions back.

Just breathe..

But how could she? How could she breathe knowing that she tainted the air around her, and how could she breathe knowing she wanted it to be tainted? It was simple, she couldn't. If Soli was there, he would have been able to help her. But he wasn't. He would never be here, he could never soothe her nerves or heal the pinpricked that bit at her back ever sense she told Castail.

For the first time since she had joined Fire-Tribe, she was truly unhappy. She couldn't stop herself from frowning, and she couldn't stop thoughts from polluting her mind. The worst part of it all was the sinking feeling that she would die. Maybe not that day, or the next, but she would. She would die because of this mistake. Charley would kill her and she knew she would.

Despite all those thoughts, the Orange-Fire glanced back down at the scene. Charley was gone from it, gone from Fire-Tribe

A single tear ran down the side of her face.

{ Green-Fire\\Psych\\Fire-Tribe Camp }

Eyes lazily blinked away sleepiness as Psych woke up to the new day, one that seemed to promise to be hot and muggy. A low groan escaped his mouth as he slowly rose to his paws, letting out a long, tired yawn getting up. He wrinkled his nose as he caught the faint scent of blood outside the den, but it wasn't the scent of prey, rather, it was the scent of another cat, and he could whiff out Charley's scent underneath it. Charley? He mused, wondering if she had gotten into a fight of some sort. Worry pricked at his pelt at the thought of her getting injured. His paws moved him outside of the den, and he squinted in the early morning sunlight. He gave his legs a stretch, giving himself more energy, before he saw Charley run outside of his father's den, noticing the scars across her eye and the blood spilling out of soaking into her fur, which appeared to already have other blood in it. He squinted, his eyes filling with worry, but also a bit of anger began to fill them, as he looked from her, to Castail's den. He stormed into his den, widening his eyes in the darkness. Yes, the stench of Charley's blood was strong, and he could see it underneath him and on his father's paw. His blue and red eyes begun to blaze with fury as he put together what seemed to have happened.  "What the hell did you just do?"

[ Silver Fire / Castail / FT Camp ]

Well, now he wouldn't have to worry about facing his son later on the subject. Psych made an appearance soon after Charley had left, letting her tears flow and merge with her newly drawn blood. The fire in his eyes made the silver want to shiver. His pale furred son had always seemed the most amiable and easy going of his and Vendetta's brood. At least in comparison to Niach and La'va. But now.... Castail felt a lump form in his throat, the kind you felt when you were feeling tears well, but he shoved it back down to his stomach. "That is none of your concern." he mewed weakly, his eyes drooping from his son's dual colored one's, to his chest, then to his paws. It was a weak excuse, but it was true. It wasn't as if Psych couldn't of found out for himself from Charley. Nonetheless.."If you must know, Charley broke the law. I punished her accordingly, as is expected of me." Castail closed his eyes then. He wondered of Psych would strike him. He wondered if it would evolve into a full on brawl. He wondered if, like Lyanna, he would lay idly by while his kin took out his rage on him on Charley's behalf. 'Would I have to exile him too? Please. Please no. No more. He'd never felt more weak in his life.

{ Green-Fire\\Psych\\Fire-Tribe Camp }

Rage boiled inside him at the words. "None of my concern??" He scoffed, as Castail's eyes looked down. He was acting as if he was ashamed of himself. And he should be. The Green-Fire began opening his mouth to speak again, but paused as his father started speaking again, and the rage bubbled in his belly. "Punished her accordingly? His voice began to rise with his anger, up to where it was just short of shouting by the end of his sentence. "By not only exiling her," He looked down at the floor and at his father's paw, his fur spiking with fury. "But you had to take her eye out as well??" He stepped forwards, up to just inches away from his father's face. "And now, not only have you kicked her out and half blinded her; you've put her in so much danger from these Golden Butterflies who are just getting stronger by the minute." His claws unsheathed into the ground where Charley's blood had soaked into. He just send his best friend out to die, at the worst possible times, and Psych's rage just built at the thought. "How could you do that? How could you send a cat to die like that?"

[ Silver Fire / Castail/ FT Camp ]

It was crumbling. Everything was crumbling. His son's glare seemed to bore holes straight through his chest, as if he could project his shields to impale him through just a gaze. Castail bit his lip, but made the decision to disguise it as a grimace. He had to remember that he hadn't made his decision flippantly, and with out cause. He had to remember that, as silver fire, his world was law, and no amount of snapping fangs and clinking claws from his own son would revoke his decision. "She was exiled from Fire tribe; she no longer deserves to wear this tribe's tattoo." he replied simply, turning his gaze back upon Psych's. Despite his overhanging guilt, the pointed tom's impudence was thinning his patience, and Castail felt himself rising to his paws. He let his defensiveness get the better of him. "What do you think the Golden butter flies will do to her?! Use her as a hostage? Fire tribe will not come to an exile's aid. And no matter what power they have to give her, a scarred tattoo is just a short step from complete worthlessness! And besides," he snarled. "She attacked her own tribe mate, even when she didn't fight back. Do you really wish to defend some one who has not only killed a rival tribe cat, but has turned her powers on her own?" That particular reminder was the only thing keeping him firm. "You will not argue with me on this subject, Psych. The decision has been made. Honor it or not, I don't care. But it's the way things are now. May as well get use to it."

{ Green-Fire\\Psych\\Fire-Tribe Camp }

"Ah yes, 'I can't be in Fire-Tribe anymore so I have to lose an eye' brilliant." His tone was a furious, mock. "Oh, I don't know, considering they threatened to harm kits, I'd think they wouldn't care about harming any cats that they'd consider useless." His rage only grew as Castail said the words "complete worthlessness". He wasn't thinking strait anymore. He was letting anger get the best of him. It was as if he was looking through a red haze as his father spoke, and made him angrier and angrier. He was barely able to comprehend the words that were being said. Charley's his best friend, and they had talked about soulbonding. "Yes, I would risk my life for her." he spat, his eyes narrowing. Surely if he could think straight, he'd consider what his father had just said, and surely he'd have thought about that, not that it'd have made much of a difference for what he was thinking about it, only he would be able able to react to his thoughts about the situation in a more reasonable way. After the next words were said, he doesn't know what took hold of him. For a second, his anger had taken control, and had tried to score a scar against his father's face.

But he missed.

He felt his claws tear deeply through fur and flesh, the stench of his fathers blood horribly unbearable. His eyes widened the second after he'd struck. What have I done? the words echoed through his mind, his rage gone, and his heart pounding hard as he watched his father slump to the ground. He'd just slit Castail's throat. He just killed his father.Oh no no no no. he said, his voice shaking. "I didn't mean to-" He stopped, and began backing away, tears beginning to well in his eyes. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. He trembled as he moved out of the den. I'm so sorry. His turned around, and began to run out of camp, racing after Charley's scent. He felt the area around his eye change as it changed from it's vibrant green, to a dull black. It felt cold.What have I done?

[ Silver Fire / Castail / FT Camp ]

He had expected back lash, let that be made absolutely crystal clear. He knew Psych wouldn't of let the argument end, not when Castail had wanted it to end. Psych, for all his joking and rough housing, had the same fierce loyalty to those he held dear as any fire triber did. In any other situation, he might of been quite moved by his son's words. Even now, he felt his eyes widen, as the younger tom's eyes burned more and more intensely, as if they would pop from his skull at any given moment.
Castail hadn't noticed the paw. Which was strange, given his usual hyper awareness in heated situations such as this. He'd been too transfixed by Psych's furious gaze, half expecting him to burst into flames like a primary powered tribe mate might of. But no. Instead, he only felt what most cats 'round these parts feared most. What many may of had nightmares over, of living a similar situation as this. His flesh, under his son's parted so easily, like a fish's gills. 'Was this what Charley felt?' he thought, for the brief moment he was allowed, before his blood finally spurted like a fountain, and his limbs gave out beneath him. There was pain, yes. Of course, there was always pain. But pain was secondary at this point. "I didn't mean to-" He tried to take a breath, even as the darkness closed around his vision, but it was nothing but gurgling, and suddenly something metallic was rushing into his mouth. His vision blurred, and the blue tabby watched his son back away, tears beginning to well. His face was soft and wobbly, and horror washed through the fury that had been there moments before. He felt himself try to reach for Psych, but his paws wouldn't move. The blood was pooling to quickly, and his son was gone in the next second. And soon after that, so was the sun.

[Black-Fire | Charley | Fire Tribe Territory]
Pain. Pain like nothing she'd ever felt in her live scorched across her eye, seared through her heart as if her entire body was on another cat's fire. Blood poured from the three large gash marks that invalidated her tattoo, until it was impossible to tell whether it was Lyanna's blood or her own that soaked her fur. Her pawsteps were growing wobbly, her vision in her good eye dancing with spots. She was running, faster than she'd ever run in her entire life, ignoring her pads which were now bloody and raw, the tears streaming down her face and melding with the sickly scent of blood, trying to outrun the pain - not of the wound that now marred her face, no - she could deal with that. It was Castail - his last words to her echoing in her ears, his face wrought with disappointment flickering in her mind's eye. The icy chill of the tattoo that once was ablaze above her eye felt cold and lifeless. She choked back a sob.
She stumbled, a bloody paw catching on a protruding stone, yet still she ran, away from the only true home she'd ever known. It wasn't until she managed to force herself out of Fire Tribe territory that she collapsed beneath a spindly tree, her breath hoarse and face throbbing, the world spinning. She felt utterly alone.

{ Black-Fire | Psych | Fire-Tribe Territory }

His paws pushed him further as he ran ahead; his paw bloody, his heart pounding, and his body shaking. The image of his father's motionless body flashed in his mind and caused him to trip while running. His body slammed into the ground, the dirt soaking up the tears that had been rolling down his face. He lay there for a couple seconds, thinking, trying to get the image out of his head, and think about something else, but how could he? He'd just took a life from his father, the worst possible thing for a child to ever do to their parents. His blue and red eyes begin to swell with more tears as he stood himself back up. His white-tipped paws, which were now stained red with blood, began to carry him forwards again, his steps unstable as he searched the ground for a small puddle of some sort around the area. His eyes were half closed as he found one a short distance ahead. His stepped into the puddle, watching with grief as the water turned a dark shade of red around his paws and spread through the puddle. He shot back as it did so, his body still shaking. He stared empty eyed at his paws, the red shade turned into a thin layer of muddy brown over his white-tipped paws. It would've been better if he'd just followed after Charley when she'd left, but no, he had decided to choose something that would end up costing a life. Charley. He needed to find her. He should have just went after her in the first place, and now, he really couldn't turn to anyone after what he'd just done, but he could still go after Charley. He could be there to make sure she doesn't get into any trouble, but in his current condition, it was doubtful he could do anything useful, although, he could still try, he could be there for her. That's what best friends are for, isn't it?

His paws began to move, and pick up pace, following after Charley's scent as it went further and further away from camp, further to the edge of Fire-Tribe Territory. And then he found her, laying underneath a spindly tree several yards away from him. "Charley!" he tried calling out, but his voice was barely more than a pathetic whisper. He tried again as he moved closer. "Charley!"

[Black-Fire | Charley | Fire Tribe Territory]
She was laying in a heap, breath coming in uneven pants - whether it was from blood loss, pain, or emotional trauma, she didn't know. The world seemed to spin around her in sickening revolutions, and, biting her tongue, the exile attempted to lift her head at the sound of a distant voice, the blood from the vicious gashmarks on her face seeping into the earth below her and staining the soil a dark crimson. Her head was pounding unbearably, and her paws felt as if they were miles from her body - and they were shaking, trembling horribly. Her throat felt sore and hoarse from the tears that managed to slide down her throat, and had she not known better (or if she was less stubborn) it felt as if she was going to die. But in a way, she had. She was no longer an Orange-Fire, no longer blessed to carry the most noble mark in all of Nandryx. She had let him down.
A ginger ear twitched as a voice, sounding as if it was shouting from the surface of a river managed to break through the fog around her, and, forcing her good eye to open she squinted into the sunlight, doing her best to see around the spots that dotted her vision and threatened to blind her. What the... She was sure she was dreaming - but no, there he was - a creamy swirled pelt had forced its way into her vision, and as she blinked blood and tears out of an eye, she felt salt prick at the side of her eye once more. He couldn't be here. He just couldn't. "What the hell are you doing here?" She half spat, half coughed, managing to force herself up and glare at him with such desperate ferocity for a moment it seemed that fatigue hadn't caught up with her. "If Ca-Castail knows you're out here..." Tears threatening to cloud her vision once more, she snarled at the earth (she would have spat a well-placed ember at a particularly offensive patch of earth had her bloody tattoo not been drained of life) and glanced away, fixing her narrowed gaze on the knobby trunk of the tree. "Go. Away."

{ Black-Fire | Psych | Fire-Tribe Territory }

The image of Charley and the blood that poured from the wounds on her face was horrible, and he could barely stand to see her like this. Dear spirits, she didn't look good at all, and he could barely see her black tattoo, which matched his own, underneath the blood. What the hell are you doing here? His eyes widened with surprise at her reaction to him being there. This certainly wasn't helping his situation at all. "What the hell do you think?" He mewed, barely able to keep his voice steady. "I can't leave you out here in that state." A short breath of air escaped him, and he paused for a second as she mentioned his father. "I.. Castail already knows" he mewed hesitantly. No one can know. It hurt him to see Charley like this, her spirit drained and her mood so low. He moved closer as she spoke. "No, I'm not going back" He mewed. His tail swished as he sat in front of her, his blue and red gaze a mixture of emotions: Determination, worry, regret, and sadness were the most prominent. And even if I wanted to, I couldn't. His gaze lowered, and his eyes shut halfway.

[Black-Fire | Charley | Outside of Fire Tribe Territory]

"I said to LEAVE!" Charley yowled, whipping around and fixing Psych with a vicious glare, claws digging into the bloodstained earth awkwardly, her face contorted into a hysterical snarl, once-ginger and white face marred with sickening streaks of crimson. Please... She pleaded mentally, her charade wavering ever so slightly for a heartbeat.   "I swear, if you don't turn your tail right now, I'll...I'll..." Her threatening voice faded as her good eye flicked across Psych's face, and instantly her expression of ferocity morphed into something very different. Where once a vivid green tattoo blazed was nothing more than a black marking, as dead as her own. Hell no. Not him, too. She staggered slightly, her head pounding and wounds screaming for her to stay still.  Fresh blood gurgled from the gashes above her eye. "You idiot! You have a life back home! What about Pertinax? What about...what about..." She felt herself begin to waver, her hard outer shell beginning to crack. Crumble.  And then it shattered. She was in tears, the salty liquid leaking from her injured eye and stinging her exposed flesh with a sharp, searing sensation so unlike the warm tickle of fire. "Psych..." A hoarse name, almost a plea escaped from her maw, and she felt herself begin to tremble, whether it from was pain or anger or despair she didn't know. Didn't care.  Form wracking with sobs, the once-valiant, once Orange collapsed against him, bloody tears slowly leaking onto his creamy fur, ginger fur meshing with the tom's multicolor. "Go home."

{ Black-Fire | Psych | Fire-Tribe Territory }

"And I said, NO" His shout was nearly as powerful as hers, and he stared straight into her glare. He'd never seen a glare from her that was so vicious and fixated on him, but he wasn't going to go back, especially not now.  You'll what?  He asked the question to himself. Charley had never hurt him in any way, shape, or form before, and he'd doubt she'd do something now. He flinched as the blood from the wound above her eye began to ooze out more, and she started shouting at him, and then quieted until he could see tears as her voice spoke again, weaker than before, and showing her distress more-so. How unbearable everything was becoming. Nax... He didn't quite know what he could do about this. He wished he could ask her to come with him, but right now was such a dangerous time for anyone to be out on their own, he couldn't dream of putting her at risk. He'd have to see if he could.. arrange something with her. Maybe they could meet somewhere, or something? They'd need to stay in contact somehow, that was for sure. Everything felt like it was falling apart. His eyes stared at the ground as her form fell onto him, her blood making its way on and through his fur. "I'm sorry, Charley, but I'm not leaving you." Images of his father falling at his own claws came to his mind as he said the words. "My home is with you." A sad, soft, single heh escaped his mouth, and his mew sounded the same. "We.. we have to stick together..." he said, his voice getting sadder the whole way through. "we have to stick together until the end.." Like soulbonds would do.

[Black-Fire | Charley | Fire Tribe Territory]
Once the tears she had tried so hard to hide had begun to flow freely, leaking out of the swollen, bloody mess that was her once-tattooed eye, it was impossible to stop their reign. The fur on her face was matted with half dried blood that had melded with salty tears into a sickening orange substance, creating an almost nightmareish appearance for the Black-Fire. It was almost a sick sort of tease - a reminder of the tattoo that would never again be blazing with the brilliance of the sun. She was broken, her shell of confidence cracked, shattered into nothingness. And against Psych, she cried. The once-confident, fiery tabby was collapsed against her friend's side, body wracked with silent sobs as she buried her face in his fur, his familiar scent a comfort in a world that was now so drastically different. She wanted more than anything to snap at him, to chase him away back to the life she could no longer have, to snarl and tell him to leave her alone, that she'd be fine, but she couldn't. "Psych..." She murmured, ears flattened against her skull and voice hoarse. Together. Until the end.
Swallowing in an attempt to calm the tremors that had taken over her form, she pulled away for a heartbeat to gaze into his eyes, her expression a gut wrenching mix of submission and a silent, desperate plea that sounded from deep in her heart as she searched those deep azure and crimson eyes. Go home....go home. It was as if she was no longer the fierce, independent cat she was known almost infamously to be, but a tiny kitten, her good eye reddened and shining with what could only be described as pure and utter loss. She opened her mouth, a last attempt to force him back to Nax, to Castail, to Fire Tribe, but she felt her jaws close. It was no use. She could see it in his eyes.
"T...thank you." She murmured, collapsing awkwardly against him once more, her shoulder pressed against him and eyes squeezed tight shut, as if he might disappear if she dared look away. "You idiot."
TGB: Rock and a Hard Place
Word Count: 7,434 words

9 points to :icontgb-firetribe:


Errbody in the club losin' homes and gettin dey throats slit. Hella


Charley rainwolfeh

Psych Prawes

Lyanna Biirdi

Castail Silvadil

Also Dawn says poop.

Castail Role Plays

    1.    Janek

    2.    Kintsu *

    3.    Palette

    4.    Eva

    5.    Open


Primary Concerns: None Currently

Current Emotional Status: Depressed/Guilty

Current Health Status: Underweight / Suffering an itchy new scar over his throat

Algernon Role Plays

    1.    Lyanna

    2.    Lyra ???

    3.    Open

    4.    Open

    5.    Open


Primary Concerns: Make friends or something / perhaps find someone to grow close to and possibly soul bound to/ Perhaps find romantic interest

Current Emotional Status: Normal

Current Health Status: Healthy


Iris Role Plays

    1.    Mar

    2.    Adalin

    3.    Kokkinos

    4.    Yukiteru

    5.    Open


Primary Concerns: Find someone to get platonically attached to/ MAYBE find a crush/ perhaps find someone to grow close to and maybe soul bound

Emotional Status: Normal

Health Status: Underweight but mostly alright


Orestes Role Plays

    1.    Lira

    2.   John

    3.    Open

    4.    Open

    5.    Open


Primary Concerns: Make an enemy and/or rival / Find someone to grow romantically attached to/ perhaps find someone to grow close to and maybe soul bound

Emotional Status: Nervous

Health Status: Healthy

Marianna Role Plays

    1.    Tsulasalda

    2.    Bindi ???

    3.    Kato

    4.    Kokkinos

    5.    Kyer


Primary Concerns: Find someone to teach her how to fight / Make an enemy and/or Rival

Emotional Status: Normal

Health Status: Healthy


Blakavar Role Plays

    1.    Eva

    2.    Elliot

    3.    Open

    4.    Open

    5.    Open


Primary Concerns: Get a best friend, or at least some who’s presence he’d rather suffer over anyone else’s

Emotional Status: Normal

Health Status: Healthy

Pick your poison LOL

So yeah I'm kinda free in the group department till Febuary, so if anyone has any suggestions for groups to try out for that are at least some what active and open or close to opening, plz tell me and thank you


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